Section break element properties

Open the Properties view in Document Studio and select a Section break element. The Properties view displays these available properties for section breaks.

General properties

In the All properties tab, these properties are at the top-level, in the Metadata, and in the Formatting > Common sections.

Type Value Description
Tag String Tag name for the element. This property cannot be edited.
Name String The name of the element.
Description String A summary or note about this element.
Assignment String The variable assignments that are done in the element.
Condition String A script that can apply variables or attributes as conditions on the element.

Specific properties

In the All properties tab, these properties are located in the Formatting > specific section.

Type Value Description
Section break type even page, odd page, continuous, new page, new column Defines the end of one section and the start of another. When set to even page or odd page, the next section begins on the next subsequent even or odd page. When set to new page, the next section begins on the next page. Text after continuous break will be on the same page, at the current position. The text following the new column break will begin in the next column. The new column setting can be used while creating multiple columns.
Same as previous true, false You can set the Section break type for the first section break element in your template, and for every section break element after it, you can set the Same as previous to true so that all of your section break elements behave the same way.
Section break for multipart true, false Default to true. Use to define if the section break is used for multipart document-style report. If the value is set to false, the section break is not used for multipart document-style reports and the section break is seen in the final generated document-style report.