Include file element properties

Open the Properties view in Document Studio and select an Include file element. The Properties view displays these available properties for include files. You can include either the contents of the file or a link to the file.

General properties

In the All properties tab, these properties are at the top-level, in the Metadata, and in the Formatting > Common sections.

Type Value Description
Tag String Tag name for the element. This property cannot be edited.
Name String The name of the element.
Description String A summary or note about this element.
Assignment String The variable assignments that are done in the element.
Condition String A script that can apply variables or attributes as conditions on the element.
Master page String Name of the master page that is applied to the element.
Force page change true, false Default value: false

When true, a page break is inserted if current master page is similar to previous one.

Target region String Writes the current element in the region that you specify.

Content properties

In the All properties tab, this property is at the top-level as Content.

Type Value Description
Content String The text contained in the element that is visible in the output. Entering text here is the same as double-clicking the element and entering text.

Specific properties

In the All properties tab, these properties are located in the Formatting > specific section.

Type Value Description
Command String A script to execute when the output is generated.
Inherited data configuration String Data source whose properties are used for configuring the target data source. This property allows you to reference resources that are password protected.
Note: Multi-level inheritance is not supported. You cannot set this property to a data source that inherits credentials from another data source.