Document break element properties

Open the Properties view in Document Studio and select a Document break element. The Properties view provides these properties for document breaks.

General properties

In the All properties tab, these properties are at the top-level, in the Metadata, and in the Formatting > Common sections.

Type Value Description
Tag String Tag name for the element. This property cannot be edited.
Name String The name of the element.
Description String A summary or note about this element.
Assignment String The variable assignments that are done in the element.
Condition String A script that can apply variables or attributes as conditions on the element.

Specific properties

In the All properties tab, these properties are located in the Formatting > specific section.

Type Value Description
File name of section after this document break Text The name can be up to 31 characters and must be unique within the entire Word or Excel document. It can use any alphanumeric characters, and special characters except slashes (\ /), asterisks (*), and punctuation marks (? . : ,).
  • For Microsoft Word output: Specify the file name that you want for the part of the document that comes after this section. For document breaks where this file name is not specified, the name will be same as that for multipart output, for example filename_part_seqnum.doc. These documents are created in a path relative to the path provided in the output.
  • For Microsoft Excel output: Specify the name of the worksheet you want to contain the next part of the generated spreadsheet. The name should be short enough to fit on a tab in Excel. If you don't use a document break, your entire spreadsheet document will be on one worksheet. The number of sheets is limited only by available memory.