You have created templates with tables and previewed their output.

Lessons learned

By completing this tutorial, you learned about the following concepts and tasks:
  • Creating a template in the Document Studio application
  • Adding elements to a template
  • Creating a variable and assign it to an element
  • Previewing the output as you design a template
  • Specifying table properties in supported combinations:
    Table 1. Supported table property combinations
    Table property combinations table autofit resize to fit contents fixed cell width in column
    Combination 1 (Lesson 2) no value is entered true true
    Combination 2 (Lesson 3) no value is entered false true
    Combination 3 (Lesson 4) no value is entered false false
    Combination 4 (Lesson 5) autofit to contents true true
    Combination 5 (Lesson 6) autofit to window true true