CRRPE0311E The environment variable RPE_HOME could not be found so the schema could not be created.


The application was unable to create a schema from the REST v2 Schema Discovery Wizard because the RPE_HOME environment variable value could not be found.

User response

Verify the following items: 1. Ensure that the value for the RPE_HOME environment variable is set to the IBM Engineering Lifecycle Optimization - Publishing directory in the application files directory. Windows 7 example: C:\Program Files (x86)\IBM\PUB. 2. Ensure that the URL you entered in the REST v2 Schema Discovery wizard is valid. To verify that a schema is valid, paste the schema URL into a web browser. a. If the XML content loads correctly in the web browser so that the XML content is visible, the URL is valid. b. If the URL is valid, the issue might be that the dependencies could not be resolved or the server could not be reached.