Adding a comment element

This section describes the comment element, which can be used to design your document-style report.

Before you begin

Remember: Comments are visible in Microsoft Word and PDF output. To insert comments that are visible in the template, but not in the output, use a Template comment element instead of a comment.

About this task

By design, only the first line of content entered for elements that use the Content property display in the template content editor. Subsequent lines of text are hidden so that the template designer can focus on the structure of the template at a given time rather than the content of individual elements.


  1. In the Palette view, select the Comment icon Comment element and drag it into the template content editor.
  2. Double-click the comment element to add the comment text to the Content field.
  3. In the Set content for current element window, enter your comment text and click OK.
  4. Add formatting to make the comment easier to identify in your template content editor.
    Tip: The template comment element displays with a yellow background. To differentiate between the two types of comments, do not use a yellow background for the comment element.
    For example, select a color for the text:
    1. Select the comment element.
    2. In the Properties view, select the Font tab.
    3. For the Color property, enter a hexadecimal color. For example, if you enter 505050, the text color is grey. If you enter a value correctly, a preview of the color displays next to the value you entered.
  5. Optional: Add a condition for when the comment is to appear in the output:
    1. In the Properties view, select the General tab.
    2. For the Conditions property, click the ellipses to set the condition.
      For example, set the condition to display every time a variable appears.
      1. For the left operand, select a variable.
      2. For the operator, select Not equals to.
      3. For the right operand, do not enter a value.
      4. Click Add. The condition displays as: variable != ""
    3. Click OK.
  6. Click the Save icon to save your changes.