Adding a bookmark element

This section describes the bookmark template element, which can be used to design your document-style report.

About this task

The bookmark concept is similar to the bookmark concept used in Microsoft Word documents or HTML documents. You create data or script expressions to define a bookmark. A unique name based on the name of a bookmark and a random string is generated for each bookmark that is defined in the template.


  1. In the Palette view, select the Bookmark icon Bookmark element and drag it into the template content editor.
  2. Double-click the bookmark to edit the content field.
  3. In the Simple value tab, enter a name for the bookmark.
  4. Optional: To allow the same bookmark to be used in multiple places in the document-style report:
    1. Select the bookmark element.
    2. In the Properties view, select Specific.
    3. In the Ensure unique property, select false.
  5. Click the Save icon to save your changes.


By design, only the first line of content entered for elements that use the Content property display in the template content editor. Subsequent lines of text are hidden so that the template designer can focus on the structure of the template at a given time rather than the content of individual elements.

What to do next

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