Promoting document-style reports

You can store document-style reports longer than the default time period by promoting the document-style reports results. Promoted document-style reports are not deleted during regular cleanup intervals in Document Builder.


  1. Go to the Results tab.
  2. In the Actions column for the document-style report, click the Promote controls Promote icon icon.
  3. Click Yes when prompted to avoid having the document-style report deleted during regular cleanup.
  4. After the report name, you now see (promoted) added to it.
    The document-style reports, logs, and job details that are associated with the report are now promoted. Only the owner of the report can promote or demote the document-style reports that are associated with the report.
  5. To demote document-style reports associated with the report, click the Promote controls icon. When you are prompted to demote the document-style reports, click OK. The (promoted) is removed from the report name.
  6. You can search for promoted document-style reports by clicking Advanced search. In the Promoted drop-down list, select Yes and then click Search.