Connecting to a license server

You must have the licenses for all of the products you are integrating with or taking data from to use with IBM Engineering Lifecycle Optimization - Publishing (PUB).

Before you begin

Before you start to use PUB to generate document-style reports, you must have a license key server that is set up with valid licenses. See Setting up licenses.

About this task

If you specified a license server path during the product installation, you are not prompted to enter a licensing option as outlined in this task.


  1. Start Document Studio or Launcher.
  2. When prompted to choose a licensing option, select Specify the License Server System.
  3. Enter the license server path. By default, it is port_number@hostname.

What to do next

After you are connected, you can use the Document Studio to create templates. Then, you can use the Launcher to build document specifications and generate reports.