Creating a Java project for the API

Create a Java™ project and copy the library files into the project.


  1. Create a new Java project.
    1. Use a non-null namespace for the Java project.
    2. Configure the project for Java 6 development.
  2. Create a lib directory in your Java project.
  3. Copy the plug-ins in the lib directory in the IBM Engineering Lifecycle Optimization - Publishing installation files.
    • To build 32-bit applications, copy the plug-ins in the PUB_install_dir/lib directory.
    • To build 64-bit applications, copy the plug-ins in the PUB_install_dir/lib/64 directory.
  4. Paste the plug-ins in the lib directory of your project. Do not copy the .dll or .so files.
    Example: project/lib
  5. Provide your application access to the necessary .dll and .so files in the Engineering Publishing library.
    • 32-bit applications:
      1. PUB_install_dir/lib/rcl_telelogic.dll
      2. PUB_install_dir/lib/
    • 64-bit applications:
      1. PUB_install_dir/lib/64/rcl_telelogic.dll
      2. PUB_install_dir/lib/64/

    To provide the application access to these files, you can either:

    • Add the filepaths to the application startup script. This option ensures that your application is self-contained no matter where it runs.
    • Add the filepaths to the PATH system variable. If you choose this option, you must complete this step on every computer that uses the application.
  6. Update the class paths with the paths to the plug-ins in the project.