Resolved issues

Review the defects that are resolved with the release of version 7.0.2 and all the maintenance items that are fixed in interim fix001 to interim fix015

APAR ID Defect ID Summary
PH30322 73952 CQPAR00252217: Smart card authentication - Missing images in the output.
PH29189 73769 CQPAR00251852: The owners list for assets contains null values.
PH29110 73755 CQPAR00251819: Double-byte characters cannot be used in Publishing Document Builder.
PH28204 73643 CQPAR00251430: OLE objects from DOORS modules are displaced to the end of the generated Microsoft Word document.
PH27121 73528 CQPAR00251080: Unable to add a URL with more than 1000 characters in PUB Publishing Document Builder.
PH26932 73484 CQPAR00250986: Error while importing Microsoft Word template as front page.
Internal 76817 SVG images are not shown in HTML output.
Internal 76732 Co-owner is unable to edit or delete the public resources.
Internal 76730 EDG adopts log4jv2 - Maintenance Stream.
Internal 76691 Adopt log4jv2 - Maintenance Stream.
Internal 76617 Adopt log4jv2 - Side Stream.
Internal 76583 DOORS data: Object text that has lists are not properly displayed in the PUB output.
Internal 76582 Additional line breaks are added in PUB output.
Internal 76540 CQPAR00259063/PH45015: Navigation issue with bookmark in PUB 702.
Internal 76531 Adding owners and permission brings back to the first pagination
Internal 76447 [7.0.2] Fix the regression test suite.
Internal 76433 Line formatting in one of the paragraphs is impacting hyperlink in the other paragraph(only for excel output).
Internal 76404 PUB does not seem to be accepting Kerberos authentication method.
Internal 76389 CQPAR00258750/PH43881: Cell padding is not as expected in Microsoft Word and PDF outputs.
Internal 76370 CQPAR00258751: The style from stylesheet is not applied correctly.
Internal 76331 The spacing that is defined in the style from stylesheet not correctly applied.
Internal 76330 The spacing that is defined in the style from stylesheet not correctly applied.
Internal 76291 76273 -Microsoft Word output ignores formatting.
Internal 76283 Allow changing report privacy when report used in an active schedule for Publishing Document Builder.
Internal 76239 Settings and administer discrepancy.
Internal 76232 75529: Failed document generation sends multiple mails to the users.
Internal 75647 PUB Java™ API SampleDocGen fails with 500 Internal server error to remote generate document against Publishing Document Builder.
Internal 75590 Metadata information of the stylesheet that is shown in the generated document.
Internal 75588 HTML reserved characters that are not handled correctly for Output and metadata properties of the report.
Internal 75586 Cannot close reporting log.
Internal 75584 Template cell item that is a cell alignment property not applying vertical alignment to Microsoft Excel output.
Internal 75580 Document generation fails with NPE if the condition for the element that contains Region element evaluates to false.
Internal 75578 CQPAR00256706: Error while uploading large asset (into Derby and Db2 database).
Internal 75520 CQPAR00253352: Adding an empty paragraph has no effect.
Internal 75439 CQPAR00256301: DOORS module external link that is used by image element is processed twice(one time for each link direction).
Internal 75438 Reporting on the type of link in DOORS produce DXL error.
Internal 75308 Events that are logged in job details are not chronological in Publishing Document Builder.
Internal 75307 Resource picker or configuration picker cannot be used while creating connection, if context root contains numbers.
Internal 74881 PUB desktop client stops when the auth type is switched several times.
Internal 74648 PUB administrator page not accessible with Jazz Admins role.
Internal 76592 Output comparison tests(regression or unit) are not running on 7.0.2 rrdg builds.
Internal 76585 Unable to upgrade from 702 interim fix 008 to interim fix 013.
Internal 76300 Incorrect search result in people picker.
Internal 74050 An PUB administrator must be set the default output file extensions.
Internal 74031 The drag function is broken in the Connections tab.
Internal 74027 License that is shown during installation is S2 is different from license that is available in the licenses folder.
Internal 74007 Remove 32-bit Installation Manager installer images from PUB installation media.
Internal 74004 Remove rpeactual link from PUB KC.
Internal 73979 Splash Screen - All English strings in pt-br and truncation in hu.
Internal 73965 Publishing Document Builder installation 32-bit arch option must be removed.
Internal 73957 Special character in-between U and R in the text URL on Connections tab, which keeps changing if i clicked URL for sort.
Internal 73956 Confirm that the Delete dialog is modified. Instead of Cancel the text is changed Are you sure you want to delete the selected items?
Internal 73955 Selection of Group by folder in Connections tab doesn't get refreshed after navigating from Templates to Connections.
Internal 73915 A new segment for title is needed in Polish.
Internal 73914 The field and its description are on different levels.
Internal 73913 Inconsistency on new master page.
Internal 73907 On the Administer page, 2 Cancel buttons shown in confirmation dialog.
Internal 73854 'Private' and 'Public' shows in English.
Internal 73817 Search text in Find In Page is ignored after changing Items per page selection.
Internal 73804 Accessing a different setup of rpeng on the same browser session or a different browser instance logs out of the first application.
Internal 73800 Open menu (=) icon shows Undefined for Publishing Document Builder where JTS authentication is enabled with ELM having OIDC authentication.
Internal 73786 Save and configure Report - Some characters in variable and property values are getting encoded.
Internal 73777 Incorrect message logged when elevated attribute is not associated with any variable.
Internal 73767 Hardcode on Configure report window.
Internal 73766 Issue with paging - If an object does not appear in the first page, it is not taken into the report even if it appears in subsequent pages.
Internal 73765 The last line of the HElp has one letter's truncation.
Internal 73764 Request_resume is shown in English.
Internal 73763 Open menu is shown in English.
Internal 73761 English strings are found in Turkish locales.
Internal 73758 RRDG - paging text of some RRDG reports are not central on the page.
Internal 73756 Output property names appear in English in pseudo and other locales.
Internal 73754 Cannot use resource picker for CCM in Publishing Document Builder to set the connection URI.
Internal 73744 The content of the guide view is missing in Turkish.
Internal 73712 Update is needed on the label that is used in the Edit Folder window.
Internal 73709 There is no way to distinguish a field that is not present in the XML and a filed that is present in the XML but it is empty. In both cases, the script receives an empty string.
Internal 73696 Configure Report modal - tags are ignored during the search for connections.
Internal 73695 Edit Folder - Folder Name and Description gets cleared off if new folder name already exists.
Internal 73690 In the Generate document modal, the connection associations are cleared when an ad hoc connection is created.
Internal 73681 Configure report - Connection assigned to the first data source is assigned to the remaining data sources.
Internal 73660 Update needed - Configuring relational database connectivity in Liberty.
Internal 73659 Connection names are not displayed fully in the Search box when i hover on the specific connection name.
Internal 73654 Document generation is failing when OSLC URL is used (with POX profile).
Internal 73653 pub_user's Report page has a Design page link, which redirects to Assets page, which the user doesn't have access.
Internal 73652 Unable to search for connections after the ad hoc connection is created.
Internal 73651 Issues that are seen with configure report screen after you add search criteria on Connection selection.
Internal 73650 Tag entered on the Connection tab is not saved, but a message tags saved is displayed.
Internal 73646 In the Generate document modal, the Connections menu is not working.
Internal 73639 RRDG - PDF generated report that is not rendered correctly.
Internal 73632 PUB installer still refers to product DOORS in the Installation Manager.
Internal 73630 Make public checkbox position changes after the folder is selected.
Internal 73619 Docgen for CLM-traceability fails.
Internal 73606 Select Folder modal opens if user hits Enter from tags field.
Internal 73605 Owner field must be noneditable in the edit schedule (Update schedule) page.
Internal 73603 The new folder creation icon on the upload assets screen needs to be fixed.
Internal 73598 Contradictory Asset Privacy values for assets.
Internal 73579 Redirection to rpeng/home if same Group By option is selected again.
Internal 73571 Misleading message that is shown in the PUB console and PUB .log.
Internal 73566 Resource picking in Publishing Document Builder broken.
Internal 73562 The generate link in the View generated documents of Reports page is not working.
Internal 73560 Generate Later and Preview options not available if the report has no variables to specify.
Internal 73554 Common configuration location needs to be corrected and pointed to 7.0.2.
Internal 73532 Skewed PDF output from PUB.
Internal 73506 List numbering is missing in Microsoft Word and PDF outputs.
Internal 73488 Extra list item added to the list.
Internal 73444 Help About shows wrong product version number.
Internal 73438 System Health link is highlighted on accessing #runtime variables.
Internal 73392 A null pointer exception is thrown in PUB studio when the data source schema is dragged into data source configuration.
Internal 73389 Early release license is shown on the Installation Manager window during installation of PUB(0605 offering build).
Internal 73384 Studio integration with RPENG does not work if hostname contains rpeng.
Internal 73376 Schedules - Incorrect indent when grouped by folders.
Internal 73375 The Field label value is shown twice after editing it.
Internal 73374 Advanced search does not work as expected for Promoted=Yes.
Internal 73226 Generate later option on the Reports page schedules the report of the previously generated reported and not the selected one.
Internal 73176 Opening an excel document shows errors.
Internal 73164 Description and More information link is missing for PUB on Installation Manager window.
Internal 72896 Issues with Select All and enabling options.
Internal 72882 On clicking the first figure entry under ToF, the first entry under ToC is selected.
Internal 76817 SVG images are not shown in HTML output.
Internal 76732 The co-owner is unable to edit or delete the public resources.
Internal 76730 EDG Adopt log4jv2 - Maintenance Stream.
Internal 76691 Adopt log4jv2 - Maintenance Stream.
Internal 76617 Adopt log4jv2 - Side Stream.