Changing the view background color

As a view designer, you can change the background color that gets applied to the entire view canvas in IBM® Engineering Lifecycle Optimization - Engineering Insights (ENI).

About this task

To change the view background color,


  1. Open the view in edit mode.
  2. Go to the View properties section of the Properties pane.
  3. In the Background section, select the color that you want to apply to the view background against the Fill color field.
    You can change the view background color by using one of the following options that are available next to the Fill color field:
    1. Select a color from the list.
    2. Click the rectangular box, select the required color, and then click Ok.
    3. Click the pencil icon to edit the background color.

      When you click pencil icon to edit the background color, you can also see the preceding two options in the Background dialog box.


    By using the Background dialog box, you can set view background color in the form of a shape. For more information, see setting background color in the form of shapes.

  4. Click Restore default value to apply the default #FAFAFA view background color.
  5. Save the view.