Managing enumeration

When you use custom artifact elements to build a view, you required to add or update the conditions of type Enumeration. Use Enumeration manager to add or update these enumeration conditions.

About this task

This task explains how to add enumeration when you create a custom artifact element. To add an enumeration, complete the following steps.


  1. Go to Views > Browse custom artifact elements and select Requirement custom artifact element.
  2. In the Conditions section, click Enumeration manager.
    Clicking the Enumeration Manager link in the conditions section
  3. To create a new enumeration, click Add.
    Clicking Add to create a new enumeration
  4. To define the new enumeration, enter data in Name and Values fields, and the click Save.
    Defining an enumeration
  5. In the title field from the Links section, select the Enumeration from the first list.
    Selecting Enumeration
    The new enumeration type Title enumeration is now available in the secondary list of the title field.
    The Title enumeration is available in the secondary list of the artifact conditions.
  6. Click Save to save custom artifact element changes.
  7. Test the custom artifact element by clicking Preview.
    In the Assign values to query conditions window, select the required value for the Title text pattern field.
    Selecting a condition value when you run a query preview.
  8. Click Run query to see the query result.
    The Query result window displays the list of resources that contains the keyword Allocate in the resource title.
    Showing query result
    You can also export the existing or new enumeration by using the Export enumeration icon in the Enumeration manager window.
    Export enumeration

    The enumeration is downloaded as a compressed file. An administrator can deploy the exported enumeration content and use it across the different ENI project areas.

    To deploy the enumeration,
    • Extract the contents of the compressed file to a folder named as Title enumeration in the ENI_HOME/server/conf/relm/contents directory.
    • Click Administration icon.
      administration icon
    • Select the Deploy predefined contents from the menu.

      On the application administration page, you can see the Title enumeration package in the list of available packages.

    • Click Deploy against the Title enumeration package.
      Deploying enumeration
    • In the Select project area window, select the required project area where you want to deploy the package, and then click Ok.

      When the enumeration package is deployed successfully, you can see the exported enumeration in the existing enumerations list that is available in the Enumeration manager window.

      For more information about deploying content package, see Content package sample.