Using styles

Style is a collection of node definitions that are stored in the UI types in IBM® Engineering Lifecycle Optimization - Engineering Insights (ENI). You can change these properties as required and construct a view quickly by using the style. You can also overwrite the node definitions as required for different views. The view level properties such as Action Event Color, Background, and Container border-color are also included in the style definition. It helps view authors to reuse the view properties across different views, project areas, and servers without impacting view level components.

About this task

Using style helps the view authors to maintain consistency across the view containers by defining the node properties such as color, width, height, stroke, and title. As defining the node and view properties, and saving as a style is one-time activity, it enhances the view building experience. It enables the view authors to navigate through different view containers much quicker and efficiently.

  • Private styles are in Browse styles > My styles.
  • Shared styles are in Browse styles > Shared styles.

For more information, see the Enhanced view building experience by using style video.