What's new in 7.0.3

Learn more about what’s new and changed in ENI 7.0.3.

Redesigned Engineering Lifecycle Management product documentation

The hosting of Engineering Lifecycle Management documentation is redesigned in IBM® documentation. The following changes are made to the hosting of ELM product documentation.

Link type mapping

  • You can now select mapping for each link type before you import the views in the Import views page. You can see a list of the unique link types from the views to be imported. For more information, see Importing views.
  • You can now validate a view with link type mapping that can be also useful in server upgrade. You can see the list of all the unique link types from the views to be validated. For more information, see Validating artifacts in ENI views.

Conditions in the impact analysis profiles

The conditions that you add now in the impact analysis profiles are displayed as a link in the Conditions section. As a result, you can open the filter's editor page directly by clicking the filter name link from the Impact Analysis Profiles editor. For more information, see Creating impact analysis profiles.

Enabling RMM in ENI

You can now access IBM Engineering Systems Design Rhapsody - Model Manager (RMM) artifacts. It extends the ENI view creation using RMM artifacts and determines the relation between other artifacts. For more information, see Enabling visual reporting on RMM artifacts in ENI.

Opening an artifact in other configuration

You can now open an artifact in another configuration context without changing the Current configuration context value by using Open artifact in other configuration menu option. For more information, see Using Engineering Insights views.

Architecture management folder added

In the Show links to window, in the Artifact types pane, an Architectural management folder is now added. The existing Architectural Element node that used to connect with RMM data is now moved from the Other ELM Applications folder to the Architectural management folder.

Customized count and percent UI types

ENI introduces separate UI types, such as Count and Percent for all artifacts. For each node definition, you can now view separate count and percent UI types. For more information, see Count and Percent UI types.

UI changes

  • To enhance the readability for the users, the ENI user interface is now updated for sentence-style capitalization usage. You can now see consistent usage of sentence-style capitalization across all the user interface elements, such as labels, messages, and dialog titles of ENI.
  • For better user experience and to avoid conflicts with other ELM product's terminology, the user interface terms in ENI are changed.
  • The following updates are made to the UI labels of the Style name list:
    • The No external style value is changed to No style. When you select the No style value, it indicates that the data in the view is not affected by any of the styles.
    • The Default style value is changed to Base style. When you select the Base style value, the view gets loaded with the default node definitions.
  • For better usability experience and relevance, some user interface labels are changed in Properties pane and validating views dialogs.

Updates to UI types

  • You can now add a parameter value for the Image URL attribute. You can add an image parameter to the UI type and enter value such as ${imageURL}. For more information, see Adding image parameter in UI type.
  • You can now rename the user-defined UI types. The Rename icon is added in the UI types dialog box to rename the UI type. For more information, see Renaming a UI type.

Managing views and folders

The access to move or delete views or folders from the Shared views folder is now only available to the view creators and folder creators, respectively. For more information, see Lesson 4: Save and run the view, Using Engineering Insights views, Creating and configuring a Engineering Insights view, and Organizing views in folders.

Color coding of links is supported in compare configuration feature

ENI now uses color coding scheme to highlight link while comparing configurations in a view. The common links in both the configurations are shown using the common color. For more information, see Comparing configurations in views.

Simplified user experience

  • In the Set parameter value of the View dialog box, the enumeration values of the parameters are now segregated for the different project areas. It becomes easier to identify and select the enumeration value for a specific project area.
  • The user actions for the views, impact analysis functions, custom artifact elements (CAE), and styles are now simplified. For more information, see Organizing views in folders.
  • A dotted lined enclosure now appears around the selected containers when you work with multiple containers in ENI. They help you to identify the position of the containers when they are being dropped onto the view canvas.
  • When you go back to the View mode from Edit mode, the Cancel option in the view is now changed to Close.


Extra menu options to switch a view among different perspectives
You can now switch between the Show Count, Show Percent, and Show Artifacts options in the menu of the view canvas and the containers. For more information, see Accessing context menu options in a view
Style definition updated to include view properties
The view properties, such as action event color, background, and container border-color are now included in the style definition. You can now save and reuse the view properties along with the node properties across different views, servers, and project areas.
Advanced current links information section
The Current links information section now provides a list of containers that are loaded into the view canvas. You can now select the container from the list, and view the links details in the Current links information section without moving to the view canvas.

For more information, see Selecting action by using links information.

Importing and exporting views with the associated style
The associated style is now exported along with the view. Thus, when you import a view, the associated style also gets imported and it is available on the Shared styles page. This enhancement reduces your efforts of importing a style separately and enhances the view building experience. For more information, see Importing views and custom artifact elements and Exporting Engineering Insights views and custom artifact elements.
Selecting the configuration for a view
You can now select the required configuration that is applicable only for a view that you are working with. A view property named as the Configuration context is added in ENI views. For more information, see Enabling the configuration context menu and Selecting a configuration for a view.
Changing the background color of view
The ENI view designer can now change the background color of the entire view in ENI. For more information, see Changing the view background color.
Style update check in a view
You can create a view by using an existing style. If another user updates the style later, you can now see a confirmation message when you open the view in the View and Edit mode. For more information, see Changing style of a view.
Modified warning message for deleting the styles
When you click Delete style or Delete styles icon to delete any styles, a revised warning message is now displayed. It informs you that the selected styles are used in one or more views.

Improved CAE editor

A CAE author can now include or exclude the SPARQL snippet based on the use of boolean parameters. A list is added in the Assign values to query parameters window to include or exclude the boolean parameter's SPARQL snippet from the final SPARQL query. For more information, see Including or Excluding SPARQL snippet for Boolean conditions.

Moving or copying multiple styles

You can now move or copy multiple styles at a time by using the Move or Copy selected styles icon from the My styles and Shared styles pages. For more information, see Managing styles.

Design management artifacts are removed

The design management (DM) artifacts are removed from the custom artifact elements (CAEs) and predefined views. All CAEs from the DM directory are also deleted.

Filter term replaced with condition

The term Filter is now replaced with Condition in ENI. The references to filter are changed to condition in the ENI user interface and IBM documentation.

The UI elements that are replaced include section names, information and error messages, and hover text. For instance, the Impact analysis filter option in the Analysis menu is replaced with Impact analysis condition.

Type attribute is removed from the percentage condition message

You can now view the percentage of artifacts based on the defined conditions. When you hover over the container that shows percentage of artifacts, you can view the defined conditions. The type attribute is removed from the percentage condition message to avoid the redundant data. This update is only applicable for the system artifact elements. For more information, see Showing percentage of artifacts.

Reports menu is removed

The Reports feature is deprecated. Therefore, Reports menu and submenus are removed from ENI. Use the Publishing Engineering Document Generation (EDG) to publish data within single domain, for example, IBM Engineering Requirements Management DOORS Next.