Adding a widget from another application

Various widgets can be added to a dashboard from one or more applications.

Before you begin

By default, you can select any application that is associated with your Jazz® Team Server in the widget catalog.
Note: To add widgets from other applications that are not associated with your Jazz Team Server, you must add the applications as friends. For more information, see Establishing friend relationships.

About this task

The dashboard's widget catalog displays all of the widgets that you can add to a dashboard. The widget catalog initially displays widgets that are stored in a local repository. If other applications are configured to communicate with the dashboard's host, those applications are displayed in the widget catalog list. Widgets from local repositories and other applications can be added to the same dashboard.


  1. Select the Add Widget icon (Add widget) in the upper-right corner of the dashboard.
    A Widget catalog opens displaying the available widgets that are grouped in categories. If the current server has any friendly servers that are configured, such as an application server, the widget catalog displays the servers.
    Server menu showing the local server and two remote servers
  2. To add widgets from a connected application or friendly server, select the server in the menu. If you are authenticated to the server, the widget menu is updated with the list of widgets that are available in that repository. If you are not authenticated, you are prompted to authenticate.
    Note: The associated friendly server must be based on Jazz Foundation Server version or greater. If the other server is based on an older version, the dashboard displays a message that the server is not compatible and that you must upgrade.
  3. Browse all available widgets, or select a category to limit the number of widgets that are displayed in the catalog. Click the name of a widget to see more information about it.
    When a widget is selected, a description and a preview image are shown.
  4. After you find the widget to add, click Add Widget.
    The widget is added at the top of the leftmost content column.

What to do next

After you add a widget, you can modify its content, scope (if applicable), appearance, and location on the dashboard. Save all changes before you close the dashboard.
Note: Widgets from applications on friend servers use more memory and might be displayed or refresh at a slower rate than widgets from applications on the local server. To optimize memory and improve refresh rates, limit the use of widgets from applications on other servers.
When you log in to the Jazz Team Server or a Jazz Team Server-based server that is connected to the Jazz Team Server, you are automatically logged on to all other Jazz Team Server-based servers that are connected to the Jazz Team Server. However, if single sign-on is disabled, it is possible that you might not be logged on to one or more servers that host the remote widgets on your dashboard. If you are not logged in to a remote server, the widgets hosted on that server do not display their contents. Instead, each widget displays a Log In link, which you can click to open a login window for the associated server.
Untitled widget window with a message to the user to log into the remote server.
After you are logged in, the contents of all widgets that are associated with the repository on that remote server are refreshed and displayed.