Verifying the logs, URLs, and administrative pages after an upgrade

After you upgrade to the latest version, verify that the upgrade was successful by checking the log files, public URLs, and administrative pages.


  1. Verify that the post-upgrade information is in the server logs.
    • If you are using a IBM WebSphere Liberty server, the log files are in the ELM_install_dir/server/logs directory.
    • If you are using IBM® WebSphere® Application Server, the log files are in the WAS_install_dir/profiles/AppSrv01/logs directory.
  2. If you upgraded Jazz® Team Server and the other applications, check the public URLs. On the status summary page for each application that you upgraded, verify that the public URL matches the URL that was used in the previous version.
    Tip: You can also verify the public URL of the CCM application in the Engineering Workflow Management Eclipse client. Open a work item, click the down arrow next to the work item name, and select Copy URL. That URL is based on the public URL. Verify that the work item URL matches the public URL that was used before the upgrade.
  3. In a web browser, go to the administration page of Jazz Team Server at Then, go to the following pages and verify that no errors shown:
    • Server Status Summary:
    • Component Status:
    • Registered Applications: (ADMIN and registered applications)
    • Licensing:
    • Users:
    • Database:
  4. Open the administration page for each application at context root/admin. Then, go to the following pages and verify that no errors shown:
    • Server Status Summary: context root/admin#action=jazz.viewPage&
    • Component Status: context root/
    • Project Areas: context root/admin#action=jazz.viewPage&
    • Process Templates: context root/admin#action=jazz.viewPage&
    • Outbound Friends: context root/
    • Database: context root/