DNS names in topologies

This topic describes how you can use DNS names or an alias in your topology. This provides a separate name for each application, even when the applications are installed on the same application server. This requires a little more up front planning, and additional steps to set up. If you wish to use this technique, you must decide and configure this when you deploy initially, because the public URI roots cannot be changed later.

Configuring a DNS alias per application allows the public URI to remain stable in the case of a change in configuration. So for example, if the applications are moved to different machines at a later date, the applications’ public URIs can be preserved due to the use of the DNS alias which allows you to isolate the network name from the actual physical server name. You would simply redeploy the applications to the new machines, and preserve the original configuration files. Additionally, you would need to register the host name with DNS, to the IP address of the new machine.

For example, suppose you start with a departmental topology deployment that you may later want to change to a fully distributed deployment. The following diagram shows an all-in-one deployment, with the public URLs configured as if each application were deployed to a separate alias.

DNS alias topology

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