How to access Lifecycle Query Engine if you lose the lqe.key file

If you lose, or delete the lqe.key file, you can regain access to Lifecycle Query Engine (LQE) by following this procedure.


When LQE starts for the first time after upgrading, the lqe.key file is created in the JTS_install_dir/server/conf/lqe directory. This file stores the key for encrypting LQE and Link Index Provider (LDX) passwords and credentials. LQE automatically migrates internal data to the new version. Sensitive information is encrypted with the new key from the lqe.key file. When you start LQE, the lqe.key file is used to decrypt the data.

If you lose, or delete the lqe.key file, this procedure helps you access LQE again.


  1. Stop the LQE server.
  2. In the <JTSInstallDir>/server/conf/lqe directory, open the file, and replace the encrypted password of the db.password property with the clear text password (not encrypted).
  3. In the file, set lqe.configMode = true to register LQE with the Jazz Team Server (JTS) again.
  4. Start the LQE server.
  5. Register LQE with the JTS. Enter the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) passwords again.