Starting the configuration utility

Start the configuration utility using the BLZCINIT REXX executable code. You can run the executable code from the TSO command processor panel.

About this task

On the TSO command processor panel, enter EX 'BLZ.SBLZEXEC(BLZCINIT)' 'BLZ BLZ.CONFIG'. The ISPF client command BLZCINIT accepts three parameters:
The data set name high level qualifiers for the configuration utility data sets. If this is not specified, the HLQ used to start BLZCINIT is used as the default.
The data set name high level qualifiers for the configuration utility data sets created by the configuration utility process. If this is not specified, the default data set name high level qualifier is BLZ.#CUST.
Identifies the national language. Currently, the configuration utility only supports the following languages:
U.S. English, which is the default if Language is omitted
U.S. English uppercase
If either USERHLQ or Language invocation parameters need to be specified, then HLQ is required.
For example, run the BLZCINIT REXX executable code with the following command
The resulting data set used are:
BLZ.V710.SBLZPENU and other BLZ.V710.*
System data sets
BLZ.CONFIG.Engineering Lifecycle Managementnnn.*
Configuration data sets
When the configuration utility is started, either for the first time or on subsequent invocations, the following information is presented to the user:
IBM ELM v7.0.3 utility initialization
HLQ for install datasets = BLZ.V710
HLQ for user datasets = BLZ.CONFIG
This information provides the version of the configuration utility, the product library high level qualifier used, and the high level qualifier of the configuration data sets.

What to do next

After starting the configuration utility for the first time, refer to Running the configuration utility for information about how to use the utility to create a configuration. If you have already created a configuration, starting the configuration utility opens to the Configuration selection panel. You can enter actions to work with the configurations listed on the panel.
Engineering Lifecycle Management configuration utility configuration selection panel