Troubleshooting the database migration

Troubleshooting tips for successful migration of database from one vendor to another.


Following are some of the failures that you might encounter during or after the migration of database:
Rebuild indices failed because the data is not unique
To resolve this issue, open a support case with IBM to get assistance for removing any duplicate data before you rebuild the indices and use the servers.
Result already exists or File already exists error when you run the -compare command
This error is encountered when you run the -exportConcurrent or -compare command multiple times without deleting the previously generated files. To resolve the issue, you can use the overwrite=yes parameter with the -exportConcurrent or -compare command.
400 bad request error is displayed when you load a project after migrating the database
This error is displayed if the Jena indices are not configured properly. Ensure that the Jena indices are configured properly by using the following property in the file:

Note: Do not use the application name as a value of the root directory path in the preceding property.


If the export and import operations take more time than the planned downtime, you can review the repotools Statistical Monitoring output and identify a way to optimize your operational environment. The Statistical Monitoring tracks performance information about the system's hardware and software, which can be used to optimize the performance of the environment.