Configuring the Jazz Authorization Server to use a file-based user registry

To configure the Jazz® Authorization Server to use a file-based user registry, complete the next steps.

Before you begin

It is assumed that you copied the files in the JazzAuthServer_install_dir/wlp/usr/servers/jazzop/defaults directory up one level to the jazzop directory as described in Managing users on Jazz Authorization Server.


  1. Open the JazzAuthServer_install_dir/wlp/usr/servers/jazzop/localUserRegistry.xml file in an editor.
    1. Add a user ID.
    2. Add an associated password by using either of the following methods.
      • Enter a password as cleartext.
      • Run the JazzAuthServer_install_dir/wlp/bin/securityUtility script to encode the password. After the script completes, copy the output to the password attribute associated with the user ID.
        Tip: To run the securityUtility script, use the following syntax:

        securityUtility encode userPassword

        where userPassword is the password to encode.

  2. Save your changes and close the file.