Repository tools command to verify a mapping file

Use the verifyURLMappings command before a rename to verify that the mapping file is valid.


The verifyURLMappings command is used to verify a mapping file. Run the command after you generate and edit a mapping file, but before you import the mapping file into the server. verifyURLMappings must be run with the repotools-jts command and requires that the repositoryURL parameter point to a Jazz® Team Server. The command performs the following verifications:

  • Checks the generated mapping file for missing mappings
  • Checks for matching URLs that are not case matched
  • Checks the mapping file syntax that importURLMappings requires
  • Checks for duplicate sources and targets
  • Checks for source/target pairs where the source = target
  • Default/No ports should have alternates - when no port is specified, it means that the URL uses a default port, such as port 443 for HTTPS or port 80 for HTTP. verifyURLMappings checks that an explicit port declaration is included in the mappings file in addition to the default port. Not including one or the other of these URLs can cause problems with a renamed server. This is generally only a concern with IBM® Engineering Lifecycle Management (ELM) applications or with external integrations, such as ClearQuest®. It is not a concern when dealing with external URLs, such as

    To avoid the warning for Default/No ports, you should have two mappings for a URL with no port or the default port number. For example, if you have a mapping for, you should also add a mapping for Similarly, if you have a mapping for, you should also add a mapping for

Note: Problems reported by this command do not necessarily indicate that the mapping file is wrong. It is mostly to alert administrators to any discrepancies between the generated file and the verified file. For example, the command might point out that you did not map CCM, but if you did not rename CCM, this would not indicate an error.
Important: The server must be running when you run the command.


Attribute Description Required Default
mappingFile Path to the mapping file to verify. No mapping.txt
adminUserId Admin user ID to log in to the Jazz repository. Yes ADMIN
adminPassword Admin password to log in to the Jazz repository. Yes ADMIN
repositoryURL The connection URL for the server. No https://localhost:9443/jts
credentialsFile The file containing the administrative user login credentials. No
certificateFile The file containing the administrator user's certificate file. No none
logFile Path to the log file. No repotools-jts_verifyURLMappings.log
smartCard The alias to login using a smart card, or ? to list available aliases. No none
kerberos Authenticate with Windows user credentials using Kerberos/SPNEGO by setting to true. Or authenticate with Windows Integrated Authentication by setting to windows. No None


Windows operating system Open a command prompt and enter this command:

cd C:\Program Files\IBM\JazzTeamServer\server\
repotools-jts.bat -verifyURLMappings mappingFile=C:\mappings.txt adminUserId=adminID adminPassword=adminPswd kerberos=true

For Unix operating systems Open a command line and enter this command:

cd opt/IBM/JazzTeamServer/server/
./ -verifyURLMappings mappingFile=opt/mappings.txt adminUserId=adminID adminPassword=adminPswd