Repository tools command to regenerate indexes

Use the reindex command to regenerate query triple store and Lucene text store indexes.


Note: In a cluster environment, ensure to run this command on all the nodes.
The reindex command is used against an offline server and affects all resources in the storage services. By default, the query triple store and the Lucene text store are regenerated, but the scope parameter can be used to rebuild either the query or the text indexes or both. Use the reindex command if you have the following symptoms:
  • When you run a quick search for requirements and the expected result is not returned. Use the scope=search parameter.
  • When you run a query against dashboards or requirements and the expected result is not returned. Use the scope=query parameter.
  • Use the scope=all parameter to rebuild both search and query index files. Use -reindex all to rebuild both live and history index files.
Important: You must shut down the server before you run the command.


Attribute Description Required Default Path to the file. No conf/application/

where application is jts, ccm, rm, qm, gc, dcc, or relm.

scope The scope of reindexing. Values are:
  • all: to rebuild both query and search indexes
  • query: to rebuild query triple store indexes.
  • search: to rebuild Lucene text store indexes
No all
noPrompt Do not prompt before reindexing. No N/A
baselines A comma separated list of baselines URI, without spaces. Providing this argument will only reindex the provided baselines. No none
all Reindex both live and history indices. No N/A


The following example is for Jazz® Team Server. To use this command for other applications, run these options from the server directory:
  • IBM® Engineering Workflow Management (Change and Configuration Management application): repotools-ccm
  • IBM Engineering Requirements Management DOORS® Next (Requirements Management application): repotools-rm
  • IBM Engineering Test Management (Quality Management application): repotools-qm
  • Global Configuration Management: repotools-gc
  • Data Collection Component: repotools-dcc
  • IBM Engineering Lifecycle Optimization - Engineering Insights: repotools-relm

Windows operating system Open a command prompt and enter this command:

cd C:\Program Files\IBM\JazzTeamServer\server\
repotools-jts.bat -reindex\jts\ scope=all

For Unix operating systems Open a command line and enter this command:

cd opt/IBM/JazzTeamServer/server/
./ -reindex scope=all
If you encounter out of memory error while running the reindex command, it might be because of the heap size value that is set in the repotools command. The default value of the Xmx in repotools is 1500M. To use a higher value than 1.5 GB, you can define the following system environment variable before running the repotools command. For example:
  • Variable name: REPOTOOLS_MX_SIZE
  • Variable value: 2500M

For IBM i operating systemWhen you run the repotools-ccm -reindex all command and you have Db2® for IBM i installed, you might experience a java.sql.SQLException: Limit on number of statements exceeded. The cause and resolution for the error are documented in the technote titled RTC Attempts to run repotools may result in java.sql.SQLException: Limit on number of statements exceeded.