Use the computeChangesetDependencies command to compute dependencies for committed change sets that are not computed.


The computeChangesetDependencies command can be used to ensure that all change set dependencies for committed change sets are computed. Change set dependencies are automatically computed in the background but there might be instances where change set dependencies are not computed and are in a backlog. It is recommended to run this command before you upgrade from an earlier version of IBM® Engineering Lifecycle Management to a later version. Running the command ensures that there are no committed change sets without computed dependencies. If there are committed change set without computed dependencies, those dependencies are computed during the upgrade process that increases the time that is required to complete the upgrade.

Important: The server must be running when you run the command.


Attribute Description Required Default
repositoryURL The connection URL for the server. No https://localhost:9443/application where application is rm.
adminUserId The administrative user ID to log in to the server. No ADMIN
adminPassword The administrative user password to log in to the server. No ADMIN
credentialsFile The file containing the administrative user login credentials. No credentials.properties
certificateFile The file containing the administrative user login certificate. No none
smartCard The alias to log in using a smart card, or? to list available aliases. No none
kerberos Authenticate with Windows user credentials using Kerberos/SPNEGO by setting to true. Or authenticate with Windows Integrated Authentication by setting to windows. No None
noPrompt Do not prompt before computing change set dependencies. No N/A