Creating a lifecycle project that includes only existing project areas

In the Lifecycle Project Administration user interface, you can create a lifecycle project without creating new project areas. This option allows you to add existing project areas to a lifecycle project so that you can manage those project areas from a central location.

Before you begin

You must have JazzProjectAdmins or JazzAdmins repository group permissions, and the Jazz® Team Server must be running. See Accessing the Lifecycle Project Administration user interface.

About this task

When you add existing project areas to a lifecycle project, those project areas retain their members and the roles assigned to those members. You can then add new members to all of those project areas and assign roles to those members. Likewise, you can change role assignments and remove members.


  1. On the Projects page of the user interface, click the Create Project icon, icon for the create project action.
  2. Enter a name for the lifecycle project.
  3. In the Template field, select Empty Lifecycle Project.
    Note: When you create a lifecycle project and specify Empty Lifecycle Project, the Lifecycle Project Administration user interface does not establish associations between the existing project areas that you include in the lifecycle project. If the existing project areas already have associations, those associations remain in place.
  4. In the Additional Artifact Containers section, click Add.
    The Select Artifact Container window displays the available project areas for each installed application.
    1. Select an application that contains a project area that you want to add to the lifecycle project.
    2. In the Artifact Container section, select the project area. Click Add.
  5. Select additional project areas from the available applications. When you have selected all of the project areas to include in the lifecycle project, click Save.


The lifecycle project is created with the existing project areas that you selected.

What to do next

You can now add members to all of the project areas included in the lifecycle project. You can also assign roles to project area members from within the lifecycle project. If you want members to be able to link artifacts across the existing project areas, and the project areas do not have associations, open each project area and add associations to support the artifact linking. See Adding associations.