Choosing a different context root than default

You can use the IBM® Installation Manager silent install to use a non-default context root for your installations.

About this task

If you are installing multiple IBM Engineering Lifecycle Management applications on the same server, each application must have a unique context root. Follow these steps to create a different context root for each application.


  1. Navigate to the extractedDir/im/yourOS directory and open the silent-install-server.xml file for editing.
  2. Search for the following section:
    <!-- override the default context root values with user-provided values -->
  3. Ensure the value of the following data key is set to "true":
    <data key='' value='true'/>
  4. Modify the default context roots to the values that you want in the following lines:
    <data key='' value='jts'/>
    <data key='' value='ccm'/>
    <data key='' value='qm'/>
    <data key='' value='rm'/>