The licensing scheme for products is role-based. When you purchase a role-based license, you have read, write, and comment access to some or all of the capabilities of the Engineering Lifecycle Management applications.

When you install the products, you deploy the Jazz® Team Server and Engineering Lifecycle Management applications. Then, you install product license keys on Jazz Team Server to permit access to the capabilities that the applications provide.

When you install the products by using IBM Installation Manager, you install trial license keys when you select Install Jazz Team Server, the trial license keys, and applications, which you can use to configure and use the server until you install your permanent license keys. For more information, see Installing the IBM Engineering Lifecycle Management by using IBM Installation Manager.

You install the client access license activation keys in the License Key Management section in the Administration page of the Jazz Team Server. You assign licenses to users in the Client Access License Management section of Jazz User Administration.

For more information, see Client access license management overview. For deployment specific information about licensing, see the Jazz licensing explained section of the Deployment wiki. Content on is governed by the Terms of Use and is provided as-is without warranties of any kind.