lqe_upgrade script

Use this script to upgrade your installed version of Lifecycle Query Engine to version 7.0.3.


The lqe_upgrade script upgrades Lifecycle Query Engine all releases of version 6 and later to version 7.0.3. Although the script file is in the upgrade/lqe directory, you must run it from the LQE_7.0.3_install_dir/server directory. When you run the script, if the file path contains spaces, ensure that you enclose the path name in double quotation marks. Enter [E] to execute the command, [S] to skip a step, or hit [Enter] to cancel the script execution.
Tip: As an alternative to running the script and all its command-line arguments, you can open the script's parameters file, modify the default values, and run an abbreviated form of the command line.

The English and translated versions of the lqe_params files are in the LQE_7.0.3_install_dir/server/upgrade/lqe/params directory. Open lqe_params, or a translated version of the file, and specify values for each parameter. You must set the path parameter to point to the OLD_APPLICATION_HOME directory, which must be an existing directory whose name ends with server/conf.


The script performs the following tasks:
  • Step 0: Runs the -migration_lqe_updateConfigurationFiles command that updates the server configuration files. After the configuration files are merged successfully, enter [C] to continue. An editor opens in which you can verify the Lifecycle Query Engine application lqe.properties file.
    • Verify that the server root URI, denoted by the server.root.url property, is correct.
    • Verify that the application name, denoted by the appName property, is correct.
    • Verify that the database properties are correct.
    When done, save your changes, if any, and close the editor to continue the script execution.
  • Step 1: Copies the LQE configuration files, such as: dbconnection.properties, lqe.node.id, and lqe.key.
  • Step 2: Copies the LQE data directories, such as: historyTdb, historyText, shapeTdb, shapeText, indexTdb, and textIndex.


Attribute Description Required Default
-oldApplicationHome Full path to the old Lifecycle Query Engine application configuration directory of the old installation.

The path must not contain any spaces. In a typical installation, this path is old_LQE_install_dir/server/conf.

Yes N/A
-applicationContextRoot Lifecycle Query Engine context root. No lqe
-oldApplicationVersion The version of Lifecycle Query Engine that is being upgraded. No none
-newApplicationHome Path to the Lifecycle Query Engine application configuration directory of the new installation. No conf
-updateAppServerFiles By default, this option is set to yes to update the Tomcat configuration files when migrating to IBM® WebSphere® Liberty. No yes
-newJTSHome Path to the Jazz® Team Server configuration directory of the new version installation.

By default, the -newJTSHome parameter value is derived from the -newApplicationHome parameter value.

No none
-jtsContextRoot The new version Jazz Team Server context root. No jts
-noVerify Do not perform verification of properties in the Jazz Team Server teamserver.properties file and the Lifecycle Query Engine lqe.properties file. No none
-overwrite Whether to overwrite any existing file. No no
-noStepPrompt Do not prompt before executing a step. No false
-noPrompt Do not prompt before creating or modifying the tables. No none
-noEditor The -noEditor parameter eliminates opening an editor during the execution of the upgrade script to review or modify the lqe.properties file. The -noEditor parameter in conjunction with -noStepPrompt, -noVerify, and -noPrompt parameters can be used for a fully automated upgrade script without any user interactions. If you need to review or modify the lqe.properties file during the upgrade, such as in a WebSphere Liberty environment where the index location might be relative to the profile directory, do not use this parameter. No false
-oldApplicationTomcatHome Full path to the Tomcat root directory in the old installation. Must be an existing directory. By default, the -oldApplicationTomcatHome parameter is derived from the -oldApplicationHome parameter value. No N/A

Example upgrade scripts

This is a graphical icon for Windows.
cd C:\Program Files\IBM\JazzTeamServer_7.0.3\server\
upgrade\lqe\lqe_upgrade.bat -oldApplicationHome old_LQE_install_dir\server\conf -newJTSHome new_JTS_install_dir\server\conf
This is a graphical icon for Linux.
cd /opt/IBM/JazzTeamServer_7.0.3/server
upgrade/lqe/lqe_upgrade.sh -oldApplicationHome old_LQE_install_dir/server/conf -newJTSHome new_JTS_install_dir/server/conf