You can find specific reports, folders, or schedules in your current view, by searching with specific keywords. 

About this task

Use search to find reports, folders, or schedules that match specific keywords found in name, description, tag, and so on.


  1. In the Reports or Schedules and results tab listing, select the view that you want to search in.
    For reports, you can choose one of the views:
    • My reports
    • All reports

    For schedules, the administrators have the option to see data for both My schedules and All schedules. In this case, the All schedules view displays all schedules and results from all users.

  2. Find specific reports, folders or schedules by typing a keyword in the search field. A list of results that contain the keywords in any text column, displays automatically. 
    • You can refine the scope of your search by switching between searching the current folder or across all folders. When you search across all folders, the results include a reference to the parent folder, thus providing context and an easy way to navigate to that folder. 
    • If there are no results or you are done searching, you can clear the keywords from the search field.
    • To find by date, enter dates in the format of yyyy-mm-dd. For example, to fetch the items for a year, type the year in yyyy format or to fetch the items for a year and month, type the year and month in yyyy-mm format.
  3. Perform a more advanced search by filtering for keywords in specific columns. Click the Filter icon and as a result, input fields appear in the header of each column. 
    1. Enter text or dates in one or more columns and press Enter. A list of results that contain a match in all the columns where you entered the keyword or date, are displayed. 
    2. For date time columns, such as Last modified, Last run, and Created, you can look for items with dates that are before or after a specific date. For example:
      • To find items before a date, type less than (<) in front of that date, such as <mm/dd/yyyy.
      • To find items after a date, type greater than (>) in front of a date, such as >mm/dd/yyyy.
    3. To remove a filter from a column click the Clear filter icon in the field and the results will automatically update.
    4. If there are no results, refine your filters, or if you are done, click Clear all filters