Refining Report Builder reports in dashboards

You can modify the report widgets in your dashboards from Report Builder to show only the information that you need. After you modify the report widgets, you can view full-page versions of the report in Report Builder, and export the report contents to Microsoft Excel or document-style reports.

Before you begin

  • The ready-to-use and ready-to-copy reports for Report Builder must be activated by a user who has JazzAdmins or JazzProjectAdmins privileges.
    Tip: When the reports are activated, they are imported into the Report Builder catalog and are public (the Privacy and sharing parameter is set to Public (publish to catalog and visible to everyone). If you do not see a report you expect in the list, confirm the catalog name with the Report Builder administrator or report manager who activated them.
  • You must have permission to modify the application dashboard (personal, project, or team) that contains the report widget.
  • The report widget that you want to edit must be on a Jazz dashboard.


  1. In the dashboard widget that contains the report to modify, click Filters.
    The filters for the query and their values are shown.
  2. For each filter, select the values to display when the widget loads on the dashboard.
    Tip: To reset the filters to the values that you saved most recently, click the refresh icon (Refresh icon that is represented by two arrows pointing counterclockwise) on the banner of that filter.
  3. Optional: To see how your selections affect the query results, click Preview.
    You might need to scroll down in the widget to see the updated report. The data in the report comes from the data warehouse that is registered with Jazz Team Server. To exit without saving any changes, close the editing pane.
  4. In the widget, click Save.
  5. Optional: To use more than one instance of a widget on your dashboard, give each a unique name to identify it easily.
    Changing the title on the dashboard does not rename the report that is run. If the ready-to-use reports are upgraded or activated again, the content of your report might change. However, widget preferences such as the widget name and the values that you select for filters do not change.
    1. Click the Menu icon (Arrowhead pointing downward) in the widget title bar, and then click Appearance.
    2. Edit the Title field, and click OK.
  6. If the Auto-save check box is not selected or if you do not see it, click Save to save the changes to the dashboard.


The report widget displays the updated report output. If other users had the same Jazz dashboard open when you made changes, they must refresh the dashboard to see the updated report.

What to do next

To show a full-page view of the report in Report Builder or to export its contents to Microsoft Excel, in your dashboard widget, click Open in a new window. When Report Builder opens, to generate the same results as the report in the widget, click Filter and select your filter values again, and then:
  • Click Preview to verify that you see the results you need for your report. To make further changes, click Filters again.
  • Click Run to apply your filters and generate the full-page version of your report.
    Note: Your filters do not affect the filters in the corresponding dashboard widget, and running the report from this page with different filters does not save a version of this report in Report Builder.
  • After you run the report with the new filters, click Export and open the results in Microsoft Excel.