Refreshing dashboard content

You can refresh a whole dashboard, or you can refresh individual widgets or single dashboards pages.

About this task

Dashboards are sophisticated Web UI applications that can be refreshed by simply reloading the entire page using the browser's refresh button. A more selective alternative is to refresh individual widgets or a single dashboard page.
Note: Widgets also refresh themselves periodically. Each widget has auto-refresh configured with accordance to the content it shows. Widgets showing content that changes often will refresh more frequently than widgets whose data that rarely change on the server.


  • To refresh a single widget's content, select the Down Arrow (Down Arrow) in the widget's title area, and select Refresh from the menu.
  • To refresh all the widgets on the currently visible dashboard page, select the Refresh action from the page tab drop down. Alternatively, select the Refresh icon (Refresh) from the dashboard tool bar.