Running the setup from the command line in express mode

This topic provides step-by-step details about setting up your server from the command-line in express mode.

About this task

The setup command is a repository tools command that allows you to set up a Jazz® Team Server and associated applications without using the setup wizard. You can run the setup command from a command-line in express mode to set up all default values.

When you run the setup command in express mode, you are only prompted to enter information needed to create the administrative user and assign licenses to that user. All other tasks are automated using the default values. If you need to change a default value such as the public URI entry, you can add the repositoryURL parameter in the command line. You can also use a response file that has all the recorded information needed to run the setup in express mode. See Repository tools command to configure the server for the explanation of each parameter that you can use with the command.


  1. Open a command window and change the directory to JazzInstallDir/server.
  2. Enter the following command to start the setup:
    For Unix operating systems
    ./ -setup repositoryURL= express=yes 
    For Windows operating system
    repotools-jts.bat -setup repositoryURL= express=yes
  3. When prompted, enter the following information to create an administrative user.
    • User ID
    • Password (The password is not displayed on the screen.)
    • Re-Type Password
    • Your full name
    • Email address
  4. If you installed any applications, you will be asked to assign licenses. For example, if you installed Change and Configuration Management, choose a license from the following options:
    • [1] None - default
    • [2] Contributor - 60-day Trial
    • [3] Stakeholder - 60-day Trial
    • [4] Developer - 60-day Trial
    • [5] Developer for IBM Enterprise Platforms - 60-day Trial
  5. At the end of the setup, you should see message on the screen that the setup completed successfully.