Sharing reports in Report Builder

Report creators can share the reports that they create with other Jazz® Team Server (JTS) users. Users with administrative privileges can also share reports available in Report Builder with any user.

About this task

When you name the report, add appropriate report tags, set the report's visibility for Jazz dashboards, and specify a folder to save the report, you can also share your report. For more information, see Naming and sharing reports.


  1. On the Name and share page, click Add Owners.
  2. In the search field, enter a part of the JTS user ID or username, first or last name, or registered email address of the person you want to share the report with and click Search.
    The matching search results are populated in the All Users list box.
  3. Select the users with whom you want to share the report with and click Add.
    The selected names appear in the Report Owners list box.
  4. Verify the names.
  5. Optional: Select a name in the Report Owners list box and click Remove to remove it from the list.
  6. Click OK and save the report.