Activating Report Builder ready-to-use and ready-to-copy reports

Report Builder provides a collection of ready-to-use reports for agile tracking and planning, such as blocking work items, burndown by story points, and defects per test case. After you activate these reports from the Setup page, they are available as widgets that team members can add to Jazz dashboards.

Before you begin

  • Report Builder must be installed and registered as an application with the Jazz Team Server.
  • A default data source must be configured for Report Builder, and you must be connected to it.
  • You must have Jazz administrative privileges or be a report manager.

About this task

Widgets on dashboards encapsulate reports from different technologies and can display reports from several sources:
  • OpenSocial gadgets that follow the standard
  • Business Intelligence and Reporting Tools (BIRT), which are used by IBM® Engineering Lifecycle Management (ELM) and IBM Engineering Test Management (ETM)

The ready-to-use and ready-to-copy reports from Report Builder are OpenSocial gadgets. On Jazz dashboards, these gadgets are called widgets.

If you have these reports and you activate them again, such as after applying a fix pack to Report Builder, reports with the same name in the catalog (repository) are overwritten. Any dashboard widgets that use these ready-to-use or ready-to-copy reports automatically use the updated reports.

Tip: When you upgrade Report Builder, you can automatically activate the latest version of the ready-to-use reports by including the importReportsOnStartup parameter in the upgrade script. See rs_upgrade script.


  1. In a browser window, open the Setup page: https://server:port/rs/setup
  2. Click Import ready-to-use reports.


Team members can now access the reports in the following ways:

  • From the Use page of Report Builder.
  • From their Jazz dashboards, adding widgets from the catalog. The dashboards must have a friend relationship with Report Builder, and team members must have permission to modify their dashboards.