Locating the agent configuration file for z/OS systems

The agent configuration file, bfagent.conf, provides runtime configuration of the agent's operation.

For a detailed explanation of all the options, see bfagent.conf file for the Rational Build Agent on z/OS systems.

The build agent configuration file, bfagent.conf is installed into @pathPrefix@/usr/lpp/jazz/v7.0.3/buildagent during the SMP/E installation. For the file to be modified, it must be copied to the configuration directory, typically /etc/jazz703/ccm, by the BLZCPBFA job.

You can specify an alternate configuration file. The bfagent.conf file that is used will come from a configuration directory. Therefore, the -f command line option is specified when the agent is started. For example:
bfagent -f /etc/jazz703/ccm/bfagent.conf
Note: The agent is generally started by using the startbfa.sh shell script. For more information, see Completing the installation and running the Rational Build Agent on a z/OS system.