Adding an OpenSocial gadget

You can add OpenSocial gadgets, which are widgets that are developed with OpenSocial standards, to your dashboard.

About this task

OpenSocial gadgets might be built by you or someone in your project, team, or organization for use within a Jazz Team Server dashboard, or you can include a link to an external gadget, available on the internet. To display properly in dashboards, the gadget must be compliant with OpenSocial version 1.0 or later.


To add an external OpenSocial gadget to a dashboard:

  1. Select the Add Widget icon (Add widget) in the upper-right corner of the dashboard.
    A Widget catalog opens, displaying all of the available widgets and widget types.
  2. In the catalog menu, click Add OpenSocial Gadget.
    The Add OpenSocial Gadget page is displayed.
    Widget catalog, Add OpenSocial Gadget page
  3. In the URL field, type the URL of an external gadget.
    Note: Not all external gadgets work within the context of a dashboard.
    For example, type to add Google's official Wikipedia search gadget to the dashboard.
  4. Click Add Widget to add the gadget to the dashboard.
    Wikipedia gadget
    The widget is added at the top of the leftmost content column.

What to do next

After you add a widget, you can modify its content, scope (if applicable), appearance, and location on the dashboard. Save all changes before you close the dashboard.