Assigning client access licenses to users

You can assign client access licenses to users through the Administration page of the Jazz® Team Server.

Before you begin

You must be logged in to the Administration page of the Jazz Team Server or the Administration page of an application registered with the Jazz Team Server. In either case, you must be a member of the JazzAdmins group to have administrative access to manage client access licenses.


  1. Log in to the Administration page of the Jazz Team Server. In a web browser, navigate to https://[fully qualified hostname]:9443/jts/admin
    Remember: The [fully qualified hostname] is the host name along with the DNS domain reference of the machine on which the Jazz Team Server is installed.
  2. On the Server Administration page, click Users > Client Access License Management.
  3. Select a client access license key to manage; for example, select IBM® Engineering Workflow Management - Developer or IBM Engineering Workflow Management - Contributor. A list of users with this selected license appears.
  4. To assign this selected license to a user, click Assign Client Access Licenses. Select the user in the dialog and click Add.
  5. To remove the license from a user name, hover over the user name and click the Close icon in the Actions column.
    Note: You can also assign a license to a user from an individual User Editor, which you can access from the Active Users page.
  6. To unassign the selected license for all users and assign them all a different license:
    1. Click Reassign all.
    2. In the Reassign Licenses window, select a new license.
    3. Click OK.