Configuring OAuth consumers

You can create, approve, delete, and manage OAuth keys for consumers.

Note: When friend applications, including the Jazz® Team Server, have Jazz Security Architecture single sign-on (SSO) enabled, the content in this section does not apply.

The OAuth protocol enables websites or applications (consumers) to access protected resources from a web service (service provider) through an API without requiring users to disclose their service provider credentials to the consumers.

Jazz Team Servers communicate with each other and share data by establishing OAuth keys to create friend relationships between the servers and to manage the list of cooperating servers. Generally, the only time you must configure OAuth is when you are generating an OAuth consumer key for applications that are acquired from another vendor. For this reason, an approval process is required for approving consumer keys.

For more information about OAuth, see

For information about how to enable linking of project area artifacts across servers, see Integrating products on separate Jazz Team Servers.