Link validity in ELM applications

Link validity is a status on a link between artifacts to indicate whether the contents of two artifacts meet the intended meaning of their link. Learn about using this information to achieve consistency across, and propagate changes through, linked data.

For IBM Engineering Test Management (ETM or QM) applications only: Before you can view link validity status information, you must have configuration management enabled for the project. If your project does not use configuration management, you can enable suspect link traceability for the project. For more information, see Suspect traceability.

Note: If you enabled configuration management in all your ELM applications, enable link validity in both IBM Engineering Requirements Management DOORS® Next (DOORS Next or RM) and IBM Engineering Test Management (ETM or QM) applications. Starting from 7.0.0 release suspicion profiles are no longer supported for DOORS Next projects that do not use configuration management. You must enable link validity in the DOORS Next application. In ETM, use Suspect traceability for projects that do not use configuration management and enable link validity for projects that use configuration management.