Modifying a lifecycle project template to access a requirements project template

You can modify a project template in the Lifecycle Project Administration (LPA) user interface so that it can access a project template from the Requirements Management (RM) application.

Before you begin

You must have JazzProjectAdmins or JazzAdmins repository group permissions, and the Jazz® Team Server must be running. See Accessing the Lifecycle Project Administration user interface. If you do not already have an RM project template, create one.

About this task

To make an RM project template accessible from an LPA template, you must download an LPA template from the LPA user interface as an XML file. You then modify the XML file to include the name of your RM project template. Finally, you import the modified XML template file back into the repository.


  1. If you plan to use the RM project template on a different server than it was created on, create an RM project on the RM server where you plan to use the template.
  2. Log on to the LPA user interface and click Templates.
  3. Select the LPA template to modify, and then click the Download Template icon.
  4. Save the LPA template to your workstation as an XML file, and make a backup copy of it.
  5. Open the LPA template XML file in a text or XML editor. If the LPA template does not have <projectTemplates> tags, add them.
  6. Within the <projectTemplates> tags, add a section to match the name of the RM project template file.
    For example, if your RM project template is named My_Template, you might add the following section to the LPA template XML file within the <projectTemplates> tags:
  7. On the LPA Template page, delete the LPA template that you downloaded
  8. Click Import Template, and then select the newly modified LPA template.
    The newly modified LPA template is shown in the template list.


The RM template that you created is now available. When you create an LPA project that is based on your modified LPA template, you can select the RM project template.