Upgrading from version 5 to the current release

Upgrading from version 5 to any release of version 7 is a two-step process. You must first upgrade your server to the latest fix pack of the version 6 release, start the server and make sure your upgrade to version 6.x was successful, and then upgrade to version 7. All references to version 6.0.x in this topic refer to the latest fix pack of the version 6 release.

For instructions on upgrading from version 5 to version 6.0.x, see the latest version 6 documentation.

Also note the following additional information:

  • System requirements for operating systems, databases, and application servers might change from one release to another. Compare the system that you currently have with the system requirements for the release that you are upgrading to. See the version 6 requirements for details.
  • It is best to plan ahead and install version 6.0.x on the servers that will host ELM version 7. Keep in mind that 32-bit servers are no longer supported for version 7, except for small-scale evaluations or for demonstration purposes. Only 64-bit servers can be used to host application servers running ELM version 7 applications. All ELM operating systems must be 64-bit and running in 64-bit mode.
  • Plan to upgrade all version 5 application servers to the latest version of 6.0.x before upgrading to version 7.