Changing the database backup interval

Every six hours, the Report Builder database is backed up so that you can restore the data if an error occurs. You can change the backup interval by updating the JTS_install_dir/server/conf/rs/ file.

About this task

Report Builder uses a Jena TDB database. The backup mechanism includes these steps:
  • Verifies that the database can be read
  • Copies the database to the JTS_install_dir/server/conf/rs/db_backup directory
  • Adds or updates the property in the JTS_install_dir/server/conf/rs/ file

You can configure the backup interval in the file. The jena.tdb.backup.interval= property is set to 360 (the value in minutes), but you can change this value.

Attention: If the Jena TDB cannot be read, you get an error. For more information, read Resolving a corrupt database error.


  1. Open the conf/rs/ file.
  2. Find the jena.tdb.backup.interval= property and change the value.