Jazz® Reporting Service is the default reporting solution for IBM Engineering Lifecycle Management (ELM). You can also use the built-in BIRT reports with ELM, or purchase IBM Engineering Lifecycle Optimization - Publishing for producing document-style reports.

The reporting applications automatically gather metrics from the applications that you use and presents the data in a consistent way so that you can objectively measure and track status and progress. The reporting applications use data from your projects to produce documents, charts, graphs, and dashboards that help your organization to:
  • Gain insight into project performance and health through objective and consistent reporting.
  • Manage and mitigate project risks, reduce time-to-market, and improve product quality.
  • Control project costs and improve global development efficiencies.
  • Enforce governance and achieve compliance in a changing global environment.
This section provides an introduction to reporting in IBM Engineering Lifecycle Management (ELM).
Learn how to use the reporting tools using the tutorials.
This section contains instructions for planning and performing the installation of Jazz Reporting Service.
Upgrading and migrating
This section contains instructions for upgrading the reporting applications.
Reporting administrators are responsible for configuring and maintaining the reporting environment. If your organization uses the reporting applications, you must also administer the components and connections.
Run and view cross-project or document-style reports.
Understand, isolate, and resolve problems with your reporting applications.
View report descriptions, data dictionaries and REST API information.