Creating work items from requirements

After you link a plan to a requirements collection, you can quickly create work items for each of the requirements in the collection. Each work item has the same name as the corresponding requirement and is linked to the requirement.

Before you begin

Before you can perform this task, the plan must be linked to a requirements collection. For information on linking plans to requirements collections, see Linking development plans to requirements collections


  1. Open the plan.
  2. On the Links tab, expand the Implements Requirement Collection section. In the Actions column for the plan row, click the Create Work Item(s) from Requirement(s) icon (Create Work Items from Requirements).
  3. Create the work items from the Requirements Selection page:
    1. The Available Requirements field lists the unlinked requirements. Select the requirements to create work items for, and then click Add.

      You can also remove requirements that are already linked to the plan.

    2. Click OK.
  4. In the Create Work Items for Requirements page:
    1. Select the attributes for the work item.
    2. Optional: Type a description, and type measures for the acceptance test.
    3. Click Next, and repeat the steps for the remaining work items.
      Tip: If you are creating multiple work items, you can assign the same values to all of the work items that you are creating by clicking Apply To All. When you apply the same values to all work items, the summary and descriptions are taken from the individual requirements.
    4. Click Save.
      The resulting work items are already designated a type, for example, Story. You are not able to change the work item type when creating work items from requirements. The work item type is configured by your administrator in the project administration page:
      Change management type setting

      For more information, see Defining mapping between change management type and work item type in the web client


For each requirement in the linked collection, a work item is created. When you expand the plan entry, you see the work items and the corresponding requirements.