Repository tools command to rebuild text indexes

Use the rebuildTextIndices command to rebuild the database text indexes.


The Jazz® Team Server manages a directory outside the database that stores all data that is necessary to process full text queries. The location of the directory is configured in the file. Thus, when the rebuildTextIndices command is run, the full text directory is created in the location as stated in the properties file.

With this command, it is possible to create this directory and index all artifacts from the database again to make them searchable with full text queries. The following list is some scenarios where creating the database and indexing artifacts again might be necessary:

  • The server moved to a new location and the full text directory was not copied, thus the full text directory must be re-created.
  • A new Jazz Team Server is set up with an existing database, and there is a new file and thus, a new location for the full text directory.
  • You run a quick search for a work item or an artifact and no search result is returned.
  • You run a full text search for a work item or an artifact and an error occurs.
By default, any lines longer than 2000 characters in a work item or attachment are skipped during indexing. To process all the lines, or to change the default limitation of 2000 characters, complete the following steps:
  1. Go to the JazzInstallDir/server directory and open repotool-app for editing, where app is ccm or qm.
  2. Search for set DEFINE=%DEFINE_INIT% and after the line add the following lines:
    set DEFINE=%DEFINE% ""
    set DEFINE=%DEFINE% ""
  3. When this system property is set to true, any lines longer than 2000 characters will be skipped during indexing. To adjust the default character limit, change the value of to an integer. If the value is set to 0, indexing will be skipped.
Note: It is not necessary to run this command when upgrading from one version to another because the full text index is created again.
Important: You must shut down the server before you run the command.


Attribute Description Required Default The file system path to the file. No conf/application/

where application is jts, ccm, rm, qm, gc, dcc, or relm.

logFile Path to the log file. No repotools-application_rebuildTextIndices.log

where application is jts, ccm, rm, qm, gc, dcc, or relm.


The following example is for Jazz Team Server. To use this command for other applications, run these options from the server directory:
  • IBM® Engineering Workflow Management (Change and Configuration Management application): repotools-ccm
  • IBM Engineering Requirements Management DOORS® Next (Requirements Management application): repotools-rm
  • IBM Engineering Test Management (Quality Management application): repotools-qm
  • Global Configuration Management: repotools-gc
  • Data Collection Component: repotools-dcc
  • IBM Engineering Lifecycle Optimization - Engineering Insights: repotools-relm

Open a command prompt and enter this command:

cd C:\Program Files\IBM\JazzTeamServer\server\
repotools-jts.bat -rebuildTextIndices\jts\

Open a command line and enter this command:

cd opt/IBM/JazzTeamServer/server/
./ -rebuildTextIndices