Integrating the Rational solution for Collaborative Lifecycle Management (CLM) applications and JIRA

IBM® Rational® Adapter for JIRA integrates the Change and Configuration Management (CCM), Requirements Management (RM), and Quality Management (QM) applications in the Rational solution for Collaborative Lifecycle Management (CLM) with the Atlassian JIRA software. When you integrate with defect management capabilities in JIRA, you can submit defects from the QM application, track requirements implementation from the RM application, or assign tasks from the CCM application.
Note: The capabilities of the CCM application are provided by IBM Rational Team Concert. The capabilities of the RM application are provided by IBM Rational DOORS® Next Generation. The capabilities of the QM application are provided by IBM Rational Quality Manager.
You can use the Rational Adapter for JIRA to establish and navigate links between resources: You can hover over links to view a summary of live data from the linked resources, or you can click a link to open the linked resource in its application. You can configure CLM project dashboards and personal dashboards to view and go to linked data in JIRA.

The integration uses the Jazz™ architecture and Open Services for Lifecycle Collaboration (OSLC) to create relationships between these artifacts. OSLC provides an open, scalable set of specifications to integrate tools in heterogeneous development environments. Because live data is linked, no synchronization process is required and the linked data is always up to date.

For more information about the adapter, see the Rational Adapter for JIRA overview in the adapter documentation.

Configuring the integration

For instructions to install and configure the Rational Adapter for JIRA, see Installing the JIRA adapter in the adapter documentation.

Using the integration

After the applications are installed and configured, the integration is ready to use. For information about the tasks that you can do with the integration, see Using the Rational Adapter for JIRA in the adapter documentation.

For similar lifecycle traceability linking tasks, see the following CLM help topics:

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