Import process for CSV files

You can import the tabular information of a comma-separated values (CSV) file from your file system to a folder or module in a requirements project.

Prerequisites for importing CSV files

Import process

To build a correctly formed CSV file for import, export from a view that contains columns that correspond to the content to import. If you export from a view, the exported file contains unsupported system-maintained fields. However, these fields are ignored if they are included in an import operation. For more information about exporting from a view, see Export process for CSV files.
  • You cannot use a CSV file to import links to and from other artifacts.
  • You can import only text-based artifacts from a CSV file. You cannot import graphical artifacts, such as sketches, storyboards, and diagrams.
  • Although the import is done asynchronously, if you log out during an import, problems might occur.

To start an import, click Artifacts > Import Artifact. When you import requirements from a CSV file, the artifacts in the file are converted into text-based artifacts in the requirements project.

You can import artifacts in a hierarchical import by using special fields in the CSV file. For example, you might import the following sample CSV file into a module:
Identifier,Artifact Type,Name,parentBinding
After the import, the artifacts are hierarchically arranged in a module:
Screen capture of artifacts in module
For information about the special fields and setting up a CSV file before you import data into a module, see Importing and exporting using the CSV format on Jazz™.net. Content on is governed by the Terms of Use and is provided as-is without warranties of any kind.
Warning: When importing a CVS file, if there is an error in any row or column, then the entire import will fail and no data will be imported.

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