Suspending change sets

If there is a change set that you want to remove from your repository workspace but still want to preserve it in the repository, you need to suspend it. You can restore it whenever you want to resume your work.

Before you begin

Before suspending change sets, you must check in the changes.


  1. In the Pending Changes tool window, navigate to the change set in the Outgoing folder.
  2. To suspend the change set, right-click the change set and click Suspend. If you suspend a change set with some unresolved changes available in Unresolved, a confirmation dialog box is displayed. Click Check-in and Suspend to check in the changes to appropriate change sets and to move the change set to Suspended. Otherwise, click Suspend to discard the unchecked-in changes and move the change set to Suspended. The change set moves to the component's new Suspended folder.
    Tip: To view change sets grouped by suspended work items, at the top of the Pending Changes window, click the arrow beside the search field; then click Show Suspended Work Items.
  3. Optional: If the changed file is already open, a dialog box is displayed. Click Yes to reload the file or click No if you do not want to reload the file.

What to do next

Right-click the change set in the Suspended folder to do the following operations:
  • Resume: Resumes the change set back to the Outgoing folder.
  • Expand Children: Expands the change set into folders.
  • Open in Change Explorer: Opens the change set in Change Explorer.

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