Additional OSLC integration services and requirements

Root services provides the entry point for the OSLC service discovery documents. OAuth security is required for OSLC authentication.

Root services

Although the root services document is not part of the OSLC specification, it provides the entry point for the OSLC service discovery documents and the configuration URLs that are needed to consume OSLC services.

The root services document is located by a URL, based on the server location of the RM server: https://host-name:9443/rm/rootservices. For example, if the RM server is installed at, then the root services document is at

Secure authentication

Security is required for OSLC and is provided by OAuth 1.0a. OAuth is an open protocol that provides secure API authorization in a simple, standard method from desktop and web applications. To access most OSLC URIs, including URIs for service discovery, requirements, requirement collections, you must be an authenticated user. OAuth authentication is not required for the root services URI. For more information, see the OAuth 1.0a Specification.

OASIS OSLC Change and Configuration Management Specification

For information on how to represent and recognize versioned artifacts and configurations, see the OASIS OSLC CCM TC specification.